Mass Save

o Greenfiber premium cellulose insulation is an ideal retrofit insulation for older homes.

o Greenfiber is easily installed in existing homes, typically from the exterior. We simply remove a band of siding, drill each wall stud cavity, blow-in the dense-packed insulation, plug the holes and reinstall the siding.
• We can do this for homes with virtually any type of siding, including aluminum and vinyl. For brick or brick-faced buildings, we can often install Greenfiber from the home’s interior. And for the typical home, it’s a one or two day project, with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

o In attics, we can install Greenfiber where there is no insulation now, or install it over existing fiberglass insulation, reducing air infiltration, increasing R-Values and, together with air sealing of plumbing, wiring and other penetrations, help further block air movement. Have a floor in your attic? We can drill and install Greenfiber in the joist bays, or dense-pack it in the rafter cavities.
o It’s a low-impact, easily accomplished retrofit that will have a big impact on your heating and cooling bills, as well as your comfort! Call today to arrange an inspection for your home.