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Energy Protectors recognized the worldwide shift towards greener, more energy-efficient lifestyles and wanted to be a part of this positive change across the globe. Partnering with Mass Save has allowed Energy Protectors to offer quality insulation services for a fraction of the cost throughout Central Massachusetts. We are proud to not only help you save money, increase the value of your property, and increase the comfort of your home, but also to help make the world a greener and healthier place.

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The Importance of Weatherization in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is no doubt one of the most beautiful in the country. From the breathtaking bays in Boston and all along the coast, to the rolling hills of Worcester County, Fitchburg and Leominster and The Berkshires in the west, Massachusetts epitomises...

How Home Insulation Can Increase Your Property Value

Any homeowner will tell you the repairs, maintenance and upgrades are never-ending.  They spend a lot of time and money on finding the perfect appliances and furniture, beautifying any yard space if they have it, keeping up on outward appearances.  All of this is not...

Exterior Wall Insulation

Exterior Wall Insulation Insulation is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a house but is potentially the most crucial. Insulation is what helps keep the heat out in the summer yet keeps it in during the winter months. Many people forget about it or take it...

Home Insulation – DIY or Pro?

New England residents are all too familiar with the impact of the four seasons, most notably winter.  Each year they see the common sights of salt mounds,  signs searching for truck drivers with snow plows, weather forecasters predicting the possible blizzards ahead. ...

The Importance of Good Insulation

The Importance of Good Insulation If you are looking at your energy bills, you may be wondering what you can do in order to save money. You may have tried a lot of things, but you may not have thought about the insulation in your home. By getting an energy assessment...

Basement Weatherization

Many New England residents live in older homes with unfinished basements. Most foundations were built from stone, often breaking down and repurposing stone walls in Massachusetts.  Although it is the norm these days to convert basements into an entertainment room or...

What Is Home Insulation and How Does It Work?

Many of us here in the United States are very familiar with extreme heat and cold fluctuations and the havoc it can wreak on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Home insulation is one of the most common and productive ways you can take control of your home’s...

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