There are a lot of people that may not be familiar with Mass Save, which is a shame because this is a program that offers numerous benefits to those residents of Massachusetts that qualify for this program. You should see if you are able to take advantage of this program because you are going to find ways to save money on your local energy bills as a result of these assessments. Here, you will learn all about the benefits of the Mass Save program and see exactly what they can do for you.
One of the biggest benefits is how much money that you are ultimately going to save on all of your energy bills. When you get this assessment done, an energy specialist is going to walk around your home and check to see where you can save money. They will replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. They will check your insulation to see if it is sufficient enough for your home to keep the heat or cool air in your home. The expert will also look around for leaks in the windows and check your basement to see how to upgrade your appliances for maximum efficiency. Often times the experts come from local companies or have suggestions of where to turn to for that specific work. You are going to get a clear picture of how much you are wasting on your energy bills as is and where this money is going.
You will also save money on rebates to get the energy-efficient upgrades for your home. Not only can you get rebates, but often times you can choose the company that did the assessment to further save money on the upgrades. They may also have information on how you are able to save on your taxes as a result of these upgrades.
You may be curious as to what an energy assessment is and what you can expect with one. A local energy company that is affiliated with Mass Save will come out to take a look around your home. The assessment can typically take anywhere between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours, dependent on the size of your home. They will often install things like LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and advanced power strips as well as create an in-depth plan that will make your house more energy efficient. These plans will be completely personalized to your individual home and needs. The experts will offer you a list of recommendations that will help you to save money and reduce your energy usage. When you get one of these assessments done, both parties that are responsible for making decisions in the home should be around. These are just some of the things that are covered in the energy assessments.
As you can see, getting an energy assessment by Mass Save is a great idea for homeowners. Everyone wants to know how to make their home more energy efficient to save money and an energy assessment is the best way to accomplish this. To schedule your assessment, call or email today!