Any homeowner will tell you the repairs, maintenance and upgrades are never-ending.  They spend a lot of time and money on finding the perfect appliances and furniture, beautifying any yard space if they have it, keeping up on outward appearances.  All of this is not for the sole purpose of having a beautiful home but to continue increasing the value of the home for possible resale or loan warranty.

Rarely do you hear the phrase “I got this beautiful new insulation for my home” maybe because it’s not glamorous?  Home insulation, however, should be a huge topic of discussion, especially these days when cars and homes are being made energy efficient and classified as such.

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Money lost through poor insulation.

Home insulation from open-blow cellulose attic insulation, dense-pack cellulose wall insulation to air sealing and general weatherization is all geared towards maximizing control on the flow of heat through your home. It keeps heat in during the winter and hot air out during the summer, acting as a barrier.

Today’s home buyers are not only looking for good value for money but unless their job is to fix one up and make a profit, most people want a home that needs as little work done as possible. This includes insulation. When a new home has been built with complete insulation or an older property has been properly fitted with the optimal amount of insulation this is an added feature that will most certainly be included on the seller’s listing thus adding more value due to its demand.  Not only that but complete home insulation plays a huge role in lowering the cost of monthly energy bills thus saving money for the current and potential homeowner.  According to a survey held by the National Association of Home Builders, energy efficiency is the second highest influence purchase decisions, after community safety.

Residents of New England for example, are all too familiar with the impact of four seasons, most notably winter.Having insulation installed on an older home can be a pretty hefty cost. However, residents of Massachusetts, not long after beginning research will quickly learn about “Mass Save”.  Mass Save is in partnership with a number of natural gas, electric utilities, and energy efficiency service providers to bring rebates, incentives, training and information to communities all across Massachusetts encouraging homes and businesses to upgrade their energy efficiency.  If you are Massachusetts resident, you might be eligible to receive a zero-interest loan from a Mass Save program.

One such company in partnership with Mass Save is Energy Protectors. They reach clients from Boston, to Fitchburg to Leominster down to Worcester County across to Framingham who are optimizing their homes and businesses to increase property value and/or lower their monthly energy costs. Energy Protectors offer a no-cost home energy audit to determine where and how much heat you are losing.  Their infrared imaging allows them to physically see where you are losing energy and not surprisingly, it is usually the worst around doors and windows. This is where their expertise in air sealing, attic insulation, exterior wall insulation come into play. After completion of the agreed to installations, they perform another test.So, if you’re looking to insulate your home in Boston, Leominster or New England in general, contact Energy Protectors or Mass Save now for a consultation and be proud to show off this new feature of your home.